Principal’s Message

Dear Twelfth Avenue Families and Community Members,

Welcome to our school website!  I want to welcome you to this page and encourage you to check back regularly as it gets updated with new information.

At 12th Avenue Elementary School we understand the responsibility of educating your children, both academically and social-emotionally, because this is their opportunity to learn amongst their peers and with an adult staff that can be quite different from the learning that occurs at home.  At school, students are exposed to a variety of cultures and students with neurodiversity and often in an academic setting that will ask them to try and do things that may be unfamiliar.  We strive to support each child’s growth in becoming caring, empathetic, and contributing members of our school and society.

Our school motto incorporates the values of being SAFE, taking OWNERSHIP, developing a positive ATTITUDE, and being RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL.  We teach and reinforce this language by having a Positive Behaviour Support plan at the school.  Students are taught how to be at school, in each of our zones, to ensure every child can be successful.

While students will make mistakes, these too are important learning opportunities.  Students often learn that when they have a conflict or problem, there are emotions and feelings that they are learning about themselves, or emotions that they feel when they have a conflict (often regret or empathy).  Students will remember these feelings, learn strategies to cope with difficult emotions, that can aid them in not making the same mistake again.  We also encourage students to speak up for themselves, and get support from an adult if they find themselves needing help.  These self-advocacy skills will support them throughout their lifetime.

If at anytime you are concerned about something your child has shared about school, please contact the classroom teacher immediately.  Often they will be able to share their observations and perspectives, and/or strategies they are currently implementing in the classroom, or, they need the information that your child has not shared with them.  The most important thing that I have learned in my 20+ years as an educator is that a student’s success is amplified when their families work collaboratively with their school team and take an interest in their learning.

I look forward to meeting the 12th Avenue community and working with all students and families.  Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or just want to meet.

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Lisa Pitt

Principal at 12th Avenue