Upcoming Events

🍰 ~ There will be a Bake Sale Friday Feb 14 ~
You are invited to contribute to this exciting event!
Please sign up here:
* Goodies need to be nut-free
* Label with your name and the name of the treat
* Bring to school office on Friday, February 14 at 9am
If you need your container back, you can pick it up again at the office.
Students can purchase at lunch time.
Funds are being raised for a new sound system for the gym.
If you would like to share recipes:
* Please email your recipe to: twelfthavepac@gmail.com.
* Anyone who provides a goodie with recipe will receive the entire collection from all participants!
~ Thank you! ~ 🥨
Please feel free to email any questions or comments to: twelfthavepac@gmail.com