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Thank You!

A big Thank You to our Twelfth Avenue PAC for planning and organizing the Water Bottle Filling Station. Thank you to Mrs. Momrath for spearheading the Panago Pizza fundraiser. Thank you to all our parents and community members who have generously donated to the school to make this happen. Funds of $1000.00 was raised by the PAC Twelfth Avenue Community. Wow! The new Water Bottle Filling Station has been installed by the Gym. Please read below the benefits of the Water Bottle Filling Station.

Five Reasons to Use Our Water Bottle Filling Station

Stay hydrated and green this season with our water bottle filling station! Here are five reasons to take advantage of these awesome filling station. Stop by our water-bottle filling station for a quick refill before class!

  1. You Can Save the Environment…
    Using a refillable water bottle is better for the environment, as many disposable water bottles simply get thrown out. For instance: In 2012, only nine percent of the total plastic waste generated was recycled according to the EPA. If you already purchased a disposable water bottle, don’t worry! You can still fill it up at the station. Just remember to recycle it at one of our closest Burnaby/New Westminister Recycling Depot as it takes a disposable bottle 1,000 years to biodegrade in a landfill.
  2. …And Saving Money (Lots of It)
    Refilling a water bottle is much cheaper than constantly buying bottled water. If you were to replace 200 bottles of water a year with free refillable water, it would amount to an annual savings of $300.00!
  3. Convenient Location
    Don’t worry about being caught without water when you need it. Just go down to the hallway by the Gymnasium and fill up your water bottle.
  4. Clean Water, Healthy Body
    All the water from the filling station is filtered before consumption – making for a safe and tasty drink of water!
  5. Look Stylish While Saving the Planet There are many companies that make stylish and durable water bottles, such as Klean KanteenCamelbak, and Nalgene. Just make sure yours is free of BPA (Bisphenol-A), a chemical linked to health concerns in animals and humans.